Thursday, August 6, 2009

Twitter Surprise For Michael Jackson!

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  1. A freak and a pedophile...sadly he will be remembered more than our soldiers, who by the way put their lives on the line for this idiot. Do you misguided morons praise those brave souls as much as the freakazoid called Michael? Pay attention Michael fans, the Mother Ship will be calling soon, and hopefully you will all be on board.

  2. Hopefully YOU will be on board! You are such a hateful person and should be ashamed of yourself. Be man enough to show who you are when you send disgusting comments!
    For your information, it was proven that Michael was victim of extortion in both cases. Michael was acquitted of all charges in 2005, by 12 jurors, who were respectable citizens.
    The first kid, Jordan Chandler, admitted to lying, years later, because his dad made him, to get money.
    It is your choice not to like Mr. Jackson, but next time you want to soil someone' soul, do it with true facts to back you up! And don't forget to show your face to the world... don't be a coward!

  3. I <3 you Michael

  4. the one who wrote the first comment go to hell you freak you are the moron mj did alot for people are you so stupid you for got that oh thats right your stupid any how get a life you freak

  5. Hey! Michael Jackson's nose is being auctioned off on Ebay!! It fall off in the ambulance on the way to the hospital...


  6. to the first comment:

    i agree that some people are praising MJ when he shouldnt be "praised"..admired & loved=yes. praised= ehh idk. BUt that doesnt give u a reason to say such hateful things about MJ; he indeed has done a lot for ppl & truly cared. Leave his soul alone.

  7. turns out that Michael had a nose collection, he had several other noses, for different occasions, with velcro like stick-ons....


  9. We will miss you Michael an while everyone is thinking about him also dont forget his kids he was a wonderful dad an a great man.I did not know much about him intill after he was already gone.I regret that.I am going to pray for his kids i hope you all do the same.
    R.I.P Michael Jackson

  10. Δεν θα σε ξεχασουμε ποτε!!!!we will miss you!!!!

  11. how much is his nose going for on ebay??

  12. ohh what harsh easily said, but so hard to back up with evidence....ehhh??? Reveal your sources.....hey, you are not one of those tabloid junkie writers are you? Testing out some of the lewd material on here first are you???

  13. Lorraine.... your wasting your time can't change people's attitudes on a website....

  14. I know I can't change people's attitudes on a website dear... idiots will remain idiots! That's why our world is so cruel... Cruelty is triggered by ignorance!
    God Bless Michael, his children and you all.

  15. Lorene Pichay shat out her dirty pie hole:
    "God Bless Michael, his childen and you all"
    Liberalism is a disease that affects the mind just like alcoholism. I am convinced that folks like you are not able to think properly or control yourselves, as it is way beyound your capabilities.

    You are "blessing" a child molester? A pedophile that as an adult slept with not only his own children with those of others?? And pornographic magazines were found strewn all about his house? Hello? Do you even have a real clue?

    You are pathetic...

  16. Michael was so misunderstood, but still loved by many all over the world! I love you Michael! Thanks for doing what you could while you were here on earth. (:

  17. I miss u Michael!

    I miss u 2! Especially your mouth on my little penis!

    MaCaulay Calkin

  18. "Michael was so misunderstoon, but still loved by many all over the world! Thanks for doing what you could while you were here on earth. (:"


    Yup! It is very easy to misunderstand exactly why pedophiles molest innocent children sexually.

    It's very hard to understand why exorbitantly rich and famous people, that can literally have ANYTHING that they want, choose a lifestyle of sleeping with other people's children, drugs, freakish plastic surgeries and other deviantisms.

    And the MOST misunderstood thing is how freaks such as yourself can essentially be condoning all of the sick, perverted, depraved and criminal actions of Michael Jackson by actually thanking him "for doing what you could while you were here on earth.". Nice!

    I am sure that all of the children that he molested will be thanking him too, in the years to come, along with their psychologists and other therapists.

    Hang you moronic head in shame freak! Along with the rest of you blubbering liberal diseased minds out there, that apoligize and/or spin Jackson's sick and criminal behavior into something that fits into your little fantasy bubble worlds. You are just as sick and depraved. You have no real sense of morality. Just a purely selfish sense of values that you warp as you wrap it around your sniveling sensitivities, to fill YOUR needs. Forget the reality of it all! If it feels good then say it, believe it and do it!

    One big comfort "blanket" eh?

    Sorry bastards!

  19. To the Sorry Bastard who commented right before me:
    Jordan Chandler confessed that he lied about Michael because his father made him, to extort millions of dollars.
    Ten years later, Mr.Jackson was acquitted of all charges by 12 honest citizens.
    Haven't you heard of "innocent until proven guilty"?
    Did he do the horrible things he was accused of? Maybe, but I seriously doubt it! Then again, I wasn't there with them and neither were you!!!
    Yes, Michael was strange and he had too many cosmetic surgeries.
    Michael seemed to be real confused and tortured inside, even though he had everything to be happy about. That was his private life... I didn't know him and you sure didn't either!!! The only thing YOU and I should have a right to comment about is what WE know: Michael Jackson the entertainer, the singer, the dancer, the songwriter, the choreographer. NOT the man... no one should judge a person with he says/she says. Medias are scavengers and those who buy into it are the worst!
    What I know and want to remember is that Michael touched millions of lives with his art and his charities. He will continue inspiring millions long after YOU and I are gone from the face of the earth, and NO ONE will remember YOU or ME... and that's reality! I suggest YOU get a clue!

  20. To those who are so strongly opinionated: why do you remain anonymous? Are you cowards?
    Your comments are disgusting... You are evil and ignorant! Don't you bring HIS kids up!
    For your information, the pornographic materials found in his ranch were adult porns. They didn't find any kiddie porn! Don't you watch porn? Be honest!
    ...and you're against Liberalism? I bet you are a fucking redneck too! LOL! EEEEEEEHHHaaaa!

  21. You ignorant freak, yeah adult porn ALL OVER his Neverland Ranch that he wanted to have (and did) little children sleep over at. With his semen found on a lot of it. Nice! Coward? For not being stupid on using one's real name? Hardly. Just to keep a zillion of whacked out freaks such as yourself from stalking me or anybody else using intelligence and the 'anonymous' option. And your name is supposedly 'Eric Hughes'. Big friggin' deal? What does that really mean? You could have very well have made that up. You are a clueless smacktard dude. You and ding-a-ling Lorene. And no, not everybody "watches porn". I am almost 60 years old, not some horny and pimply faced clueless kid, that masturbates several times a day looking at nudie pictures on his computer. Liberalism is a disease you freak. One day, if and when you own something, and have a bank account with some real money in it, you may feel entirely different. It's easy to lust after freebies and redistribution of the wealth plans that steal from others, when you have nothing. Hint: all the time that you spend looking at porn could be put into something more constructive - like earning a living... Jackson was a freak. He even changed his name to "Mikaeel" and converted to Islam, essentially jumping from one cult (Jehovahs Witness) to another one - Islam. He was a criminal too. Do you think that just because he was so privileged and rich, that buying and abusing all of those drugs were legal? Bahhh! Michael is not anything near the wonderful, caring and sweet person that you are all making him out to be. He was literally a big carnival sideshow act. A sad and pathetic clown. Live in your bubble worlds and tell yourself whatever you like, but you can't change the reality and that is that MJ was a monster. Would you, if you had young children, trust them around Micheal and allow them to sleep in the same bed with him? That is some really sick and disturbing shit man! Men, REAL MEN don't sleep in bed with children like that. Get a clue!

  22. Whatever... you anonymous redneck freak! Islam isn't a cult, it's a religion, you clueless piece of garbage! I bet you own a ranch in the middle of nowhere, and you rape your bulls and cows everyday, you degenerate!
    F**k Off!

  23. Y'all are pretty damn ignorant, believing literally in fairy tales and WHAT YOU WANT TO BELIEVE IN instead of the cold hard facts which are easily researched via and by Google. Hello?

    FACT: The only hard evidence at the 2004 Michael Jackson trial indicating that Jackson had an explicit interest in pedophiliac topics was a set of magazines- seven of them in total- that showed nude underaged boys, and hardcore scenes of homesexual pederasty.

    Make your own conclusions. When it sounds like a duck, quacks like a duck, looks like a duck, smells like a duck, and acts like a duck, it just may be logical to conclude that it's a duck. Don't you think?

    Several of the magazines had Michaels semen stains on them. Along with many other items in his house, bedsheets, blankets etc...

    Maybe some of you defenders of Michael Jackson ought to take a deep breath and acknowledge the truth, and that MJ did indeed have many problems, including a sexual attraction to young boys.

  24. If you would like to talk about "rape" and Islam at the same time, my ignoramus friend. Then let's talk about Mohammad, the pedophile who is the foundation of the Islamic religion, who married a little girl when she was age 6 and CONSUMMATED (raped her) when she was but age 9.

    That's a fitting change for Michael Jackson is it not? From the Jehovah cult to the cult of Mohammad. Where many members of Islam rape young boys and girls, plus even marry them.

    So foam at the mouth, and use profane insults all that you want. It doesn't change the fact that Islam is a false religion. And if you are a member of it, you are a prime example of how ignorant and violent prone so many adherents of the cult actually are.

    You sound like you are ready to strap C4 on your chest and blow up that "rednecks ranch". ROFL.

    Get over yourself. You are an undereducated and greatly insignificant lout. Nothing more, nothing less.

  25. Michael Jackson quote to Martin Bashir: "I have allowed children into my bed. I have allowed children into my room. What do you do with a child that has no parents? What do you do? Children flock to me. I'm a childlike figure. And I see nothing wrong with it".

    A grown man, sleeping in the same bed with little children, especially very young boys, many of them orphans, and the rest of you Michael Jackson defenders and liberal whack-a-doos don't see anything wrong with it either?

    A house strewn with semen stained pornographic magazines many of them showing nude underage boys. Even if those magazines were all of nude adult woman, it isn't normal to have them all over the place, along with your semen, especially when you are the host of so many young children. To masturbate is human to be sure, but it's a bit over the top to being doing it all over the place and to be so messy with it. There is a discrete and proper way to relieve one's self.

    How many of those visiting children 'accidentally' discovered those pornographic magazines?

    Grown men do NOT sleep in the beds of children, by themselves, especially ones that are not even his.

    This is NOT normal behavior for a normal, healthy and mentally stable mature man!

    Of course liberalism is not normal thinking and it's manifestations incluing behavior and actions are not normal for mentally stable mature adults of either sex. It is a disease of the mind! Twisted logic and thinking!

    And ALL the traits of a cult are present in Islam!

  26. Whoops! Bad link! Try this one:


  27. I luv mj so much n i hate u people who say those horrible untrue things about him. Leave mj alone lets see if you can achieve everything he has with that amazing talent. He helped heal the world and he's the most kindest caring person ever. I luv you mj! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  28. Those things being said about him are not "untrue". Why don't you pull your emotion head of your dumb ass, and perhaps take the time to research the subject yourself dim wit?

    How did a drug-addicted freak, with such low self-esteem that he was constantly bleaching his skin and going under the surgeons knife to alter his appearance, along with his penchant for sleeping with and having sex with young boys, help "heal the world"??

    Evil begats evil. It doesn't create good. Watch the big three-ring circus now that everybody in his family and former entourage (hanger's on, and other parasites) all vie for and try to get part of all of Mikaeel's money.

    Hope that Allah has mercy on his soul! I suspect that there is a special place in hell for those who sexually abuse children.

    Mohammed himself, the founder of the so-called "religion" of Islam (the cult of Islam) married a mere six-year old girl and then consummated their marriage (broke her cherry and had SEX with her) when she was but nine. Nice huh?

    But just like all the Muslim spin doctors and apologists, liars, etc... You and others of your clueless, left-wing, liberal ilk, just will not either get it, or you refuse to acknowledge the truth even if it wsa staring you right in the face! The evidence is there!

    Mikaeel even admitted to sleeping with children! That IS NOT A NORMAL DESIRE OR MANIFESTATION OF BEING A MATURE ADULT MALE to want to sleep with other peoples children, or orphans!

    Mikaeel was plagued by many demons to be sure. But he was a criminal! And the ONLY reason that he eluded prosecution (just like OJ) was because of all of his money, (he bought off several parents who's children he had molested) and his legions of lawyers at his disposal.

    Criminals buy and obtain drugs illegally too. Mikaeel was a criminal in many many ways. He was no saint or sweet and endearing "good person" who "helped heal the world". He stained the world and made it an even darker and bleaker place. The hurt and damage to those children will run deep and the residuals will last for years, or decades. Even their whole lives. They were used like sexual toys and then simply discarded. Some got paid off, others were not so fortunate.

    Sorry, but your hero is all in your own minds folks! Reality Bytes!

  29. To the creators of this blog page:
    Please shut it down! Too many disgusting comments are being made! It was fun at first, but now it's really getting old!
    To Michael's fans: stop replying to the haters, ignore them!
    To Michael's haters: Michael is gone, so just leave him alone once and for all!

  30. Don't use my name to post comments, you ignorant redneck!

  31. Michael jackson waz da best....even doe im onlii 14 he made a change in the world 4 everybody....he been through upz and downz but yu no wat....he pulled it through...and 4 da people dat sayn harsh thingz about him wat iz wrong wit yu...just becuz yu dnt lyke him dnt tawlk about him becuz some ppl lyke him....


  32. Eric &#39;Macaulay&#39; HughesAugust 17, 2009 at 2:55 PM

    You are only 14? Please tell me that English isn't your first language? You write like a semi-literate moron.

    It's not a matter of not liking somebody. It's a matter of pointing out the TRUTH of the matter to a bunch of corn flakes, that live in their little fantasy bubble worlds.

    Then just like members of a cult, you don't want to hear any dissenting voices or comments. You want to shut it down. You cry "Please shut this blog down" so you don't have to deal with opposing points of view, and some facts and substance besides all of the sickening "We love you Michael!" and "Michael is still alive and in hiding" or "Michael was such a sweet man that wouldn't hurt a fly" blah blah blah.

    The man was a mentally ill drug-addict, that ruined his appearance, and he admittedly slept with little children that were not even his own.

    Semen stained magazines of young boys, homosexual rags and other pornographic trash were found all over his Neverland ranch.

    And some genius in here throws around cries of "stupid redneck! I bet you screw sheep!" and "Don't you ever look at porn and have it around too?". ROFL! That is so funny! The rocket scientist thinks that because he is a horny perverted sex freak (hint: there are REAL women out there to have sex with instead of your own hand) that is addicted to pornography, therefore everybody else must be too.

    That's the problem with your generation. Generation LOST. You have no moral compass, no mmoral foundations and you are lost in the game of life, as you have no real roadmap. You don't know where we came from as a country, or where we are going. And basically you all pretty much subscribe to the "If it feels good then do it" philosophy. Everythng else is irrelevant to most of you. If it doesn't neatly fit into your little warped worlds that you wrap around yourself like Michael's "blanket", then you reject it, often very angrily and violently.

    Most of you are losers, poorly educated, no doubt still living at home on mommy and daddy's dime, going nowhwere fast, and totally clueless. It shows how poor your education level is, just from the nonsense that you type here.

    Get over your hero worship and start working on making something out of yourself. Or are you sitting back and waiting for Obuma to redistribute the wealth and give a piece of the American Pie to you?

    Sorry but it looks like you won't be getting any free health care stolen out of the pocketbooks of society's wealth producers, from "rednecks" like myself (LOL) and otherwise.

  33. and 4 da people dat sayn harsh thingz about him wat iz wrong wit yu...just becuz yu dnt lyke him dnt tawlk about him becuz some ppl lyke him....
    And if we use your totally inane and absolutely ludicrous logic, as you stated above. Then we shouldn't talk with critical voices about anybody then right?

    Not Adolf Hitler, because many (non-Jews) "lyked him". Not Saddam Hussein, many Iraqi's did and still do worship him and "lyke him".

    Not even Jeffrey Dahmer the Milwaukee serial killer that murdered, mutilated and cannibalized 17 young men and boys between 1978 and 1991. Because his mama and some people "lyked him".

    Me thinks that your IQ is about 2 below plant-life...


  34. ...and now, the redneck is arguing with 14 year olds.... Wow!
    I guess it's not worth wasting more time on this blog!
    One last word for the 60 years old degenerate: I hope you choke and fucking die, you ignorant piece of shit!!!

  35. ...and you stupid fucking redneck! I can look at and jack off to any fucking porn that I want to!
    Who in the hell are you, you old piece of shit! You are a sick fucker! You probably don't even masturbate cuz you don't have anybody or anything to do it to!!! I want you to die so bad it makes my head hurt!!! What does your stupid old crap generation know about anything? Not peace and love! At least we have peace and love! And Michael Jackson was full of peace and love! SO FUCK OFF AND DIE!!!

  36. I'll suck your dick for some Mickey D's...Michael taught me how to play tonsil hockey real good!

  37. That guy you are all calling redneck and other names is right, and you are all really a bunch of 'corn flakes' like he says. All that I see in here is mostly emotional insanity and foul language, along with really poor spelling and just plain stupidity. Jackson was the King of Pop all right but he was also as mad as a hatter and a child buggerer. Elvis raped 14 year old girls too. That's the price of fame sometimes, it totally consumes you. Look at Brittany. Get over it. Life goes on.

  38. And what's up with that "peace and love" stuff and "PEACE OUT!" and then the foul and profane language the next, along with the death wishes? What gross contradiction! You must be bi-polar? Either that or you have some really deep seated hostilities that you had better seek some professional help for. Were you ever molested as a child?? There are hotlines that you can find online for places to get help near you. Please consider checking it out. The emotions that you are feeling and the things that you are saying are not right, and it indicates that you are in dire conflict and in need of help.

  39. Eric Hughs take your sick shit somewheres else dude! PIG!

  40. Enough about Michael Jackson already! You'd think that Michael Jackson was some sort of diety the way the damned biased media and his clueless dim-bulb and foolish fans of his are reacting to all of this. Enough is enough! Jackson was just an entertainer and not a very good one in my estimation. Let's hear some recognition for the true heros that die everyday doing good deeds for mankind, not some perverted, plastic surgery and drug addicted guy, who dances backwards while grabbing his crotch singing in falsetto. What some people regard as talent.

  41. i luv michael soooooooooooooooooooooooo much he is my heaven n i misssssssssssss him soooooooooooooo much

  42. youuuuuu are one sickkkkkkk and disturbedddddddddddddddddddd personnnnnnnnnnnn!

  43. sei sempre con me e dentro di me, tu vivi attraverso la tua incredibile ed indescrivibile musica. Y LOVE MICHAEL FOREVER.


  45. "The majority of us don´t have the opportunity to say Good Bye to this unique person, loving dad and amazing artist,Michael Jackson.. To pay your last respects to Michael, sign up here and your name will appear on the ribbon for his funeral wreath. ...."

  46. FREAKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    PEDOPHILE: A pedophile is an adult who is sexually attracted to chlidren who have not reache puberty. A pedophile has a mental disorder called "pedophilia". Some people with pedophilia have sex with children or use children in a sexual way. This is called "child sexual abuse". Most, but not all, children who are sexually abused, are abused by people who have pedophilia. The common definition also says that a pedophile is at least five years older than the (child) victim, and at least 16 years of age.


    What is "unique" and "amazing" about Michael Jackson the pedophile?


  47. Jeanette you are a spamming asshole! Your stupid fucking website WANTS MONEY to "say Goodbye" to Michael Jackson.

    You are CAPITALIZING $$$$ on his death you pig!

    And there are also left-wing UNICEF ads on your site! Are you a fucking communist too?


  48. to all who accuse him of being a pedophile...think of one question... how do YOU know? YOU weren't in the room with him or even saw him so i think you should be quiet about that... R.I.P Micheal... : )

  49. Michael Jackson was found to have quite a few pornographic magazines in his possession by police officers who searched his Neverland mansion in 2003 including Pedophiliac and homo-erotic material. Pictures of young nude boys with Michael's fingerprints AND semen stains on them.

    And Michael Jackson himself ADMITTED to sleeping with young children, especially young orphan boys and other people's children and expressed confusion as to "why?" that would be bad or raise any eyebrows. There is recorded video documentation of Jackson saying that he slept with children often.

    So here we have a male ADULT who likes to sleep with children, ALONE, he has a penchant for porn, and the type that leans towards homesexualilty and Pedophilia as he obviously enjoyed the nudity of young boys. He also masturbated a helluva lot as his semen was found all over his mansion.

    And you think that somebody has to "be in the room" with him? WHO WOULD WANT TO BE IN A ROOM WITH HIM???

    So I think that you should be the one that keeps your stupid mouth shut!

    Do the math ignoramus! Would YOU trust your children with Michael Jackson, to do a sleep-over with him? WHO, in their right mind, as a loving and decent, INTELLIGENT parent would? Hello?

    Extreme wealth can buy your way out of anything, including murder. Just go ask O.J..

    liberalism is a disease of the mind...

  50. some of those magazines HAD fingerprints from Michael Jackson accusers on them. U can Google that information! gay naked boy magazines! explain dat shit man!

  51. i'm wegmuller efokoa from cameroon we did something in memory of jackson in cameroon. go to

  52. oh do u molest little children in cameroon??

  53. I really don't understand people who come on here just to speak shit about Michael Jackson. I mean, what, do people think that if they insist that Michael Jackson is a paedophile, that the whole world will turn to them and say "Oh, look! This guy thinks MJ is a pedo! He's even found time to google Michael Jackson's semen stains! Wow he obviously knows his stuff, MJ must be a pedo!" ... um no. See, no one cares what haters say or think about Michael Jackson. Anyone who is still hung up on the MJ molestation cases really needs to get their sorry asses out of the past and just accept the fact that he is an innocent man. Some of the people on here really need to get some damn respect... and a life.

  54. Michael Jackson was ACQUITED you liberal clueless dumb fuck! THAT DOES NOT MAKE HIM INNOCENT, there is a difference! O.J. was acquited too!

    How do you explain ALL the gay young boy pornographic magazines in his fairyland mansion with HIS FINGERPRINTS on them, and the fingerprints of one of his accusers FOUND by the police?

    How do you explain that freak? Tell us huh?
    You left-wing, bubbleheaded, liberal loser and pathetic excuse for a human-being!

    You were willing to look the other way, while Michael systematically sexually abused all of those children! And now you are still defending him?


    You sick fuck! You are not normal either!!

    You show me where being acquited means that somebody is "innocent" you stupid twit! It just means that they didn't have the ability to convict him.

    Money, HUGE sums $$$ of it, can buy your way out of ANYTHING in this country, largely because of sick-ass liberal cloud-nine fucks such as yourself!

    So tell us dimwit, so would YOU let your children (hope that you don't have any) sleep alone in Michael Jackson's bed?? WOULD YOU?

    And if so, then WHAT kind of parent would that make you? A MORON? Or a decent, loving, nuturing and caring one?

    Michael Jackson jerked himself off silly to fuckbooks of young boys. And he admitted to sleeping with children and was constantly perplexed as to what exactly is wrong with that, and why MOST NORMAL people felt that there is something inherently WRONG with that?

    And you don't get it either?

    I don't understand SHIT such as yourself defending an obvious drug abusing, drug-addict, LYING ("I never had all those cosmetic surgeries or bleached my skin, God made me like this!), chid-molesting freak!

    You just need MJ to fulfill a need in yourself, so no matter what, you block out the facts, and the evidence, and all logic, to live your litte bubble world, to suit your own selfish needs, and damn all those young boys who are forever more until they die, going to bear the horrible scars of what Jackson did to them. And perhaps even become monsters and child molesters themselves. Like many of the abused boys from all the Catholic priests suffered and became. And MANY idiots are still in denial about that shit too!


  55. "Some of the people in here really need to get some damn respect"

    most normal, decent, intelligent human being that really care for and love children do not "respect" child-molesters and deviants that take advantage of children.

    most normal, decent, and law-abiding folks do not "respect" those who break the law and illegally purchase and induce others vis $$$ money bribes, and pay-offs to obtain prescription medications on false-pretenses, to feed their own addictions.

    in short it's hard to "respect" a drug-addict and criminal.

  56. Pots calling a kettle black. If u've never watched porn before, throw the first stone.

  57. watching kiddie porn and regular ADULT porn are two different things Bonzo... and no I don't watch porn. Not everybody is a deviant freak.

  58. hahaha the sick pervo things that everybody is into porno just cuz he is. what a total idiot! yeah, everybody does porn dickhead cuz they have the internet, and everybody also drinks and gets drunk cuz they have a liquor store or place that sells beer near them and everybody does dope like michael jackson just cuz they can and it's there! that's so funny! i did google it and it's true that they found porno in michael jackson's house of young boys and his fingerprints and other stuff all over them

  59. Lorene Pichay you ROCK!!!!! I echo your comments.

  60. Behavioral Psychologist PhDAugust 31, 2009 at 12:10 PM


    Do you think the song Beat it was secretly about masturbation?

    Possibly. I think the song is secretly about Michael Jackson's struggle with body dysmorphic disorder and pedophilia. He felt alienated from society because of these things, and the lyrics exemplify this. They are sung from the perspective of how society viewed his pederast inclinations. In the end they just wanted him to 'beat it', and he did with his reclusive behavior...

  61. ewwww i thought i like his music n stuf but now i am sick cuz i didint know what a sick MFer he was

  62. My love to U and your kids.

    Big love.

  63. RIP MJ...hopefully the world is kinder to your children than they were to you......

  64. Sheila u stupid cunt, WHY should "the world" be kind to a child molestor?? You fucking idiot!

    Why wouldn't the world be kind to his or anybody else's children? THE WHOLE MATTER is about the children that HE MOLESTED AND ADMITTINGLY SLEPT WITH DUMBO!

  65. Isabel shat out her liberal diseased mouth:
    "My love to U and your kids. Big Love."
    Isabel, so U love pedophiles that can sing and dance really good do U?

    U r really disturbed!

  66. MJ I love you, I don't care what anybody says. ALWAYS AND FOREVER(",)

    To all you dumb haters,if you hate the guy so much then why the hell are you even bothering to write all of this stuff, why waste your energy? The guy is dead, have some respect!!! Let his family also have some peace. There's really no need for your comments...just let us MJ lovers have some sacred space where we can share our love for THE KING!


  67. Have some "respect" for what? You dumb liberal, diseased, left-wing, deluded, jaded, whining, son-of-a-bitch? A FUCKING CHILD MOLESTER?

    NOBODY is fucking with his family asshole! Do you think that they are in here reading this blog you idiot?

    And YES there is a NEED for comments like mine, to help JOLT liberal bubbleheads like YOU into reality!

    Your filthy drug-addicted, criminal, pedophilic liar "King" is dead! And he cannot harm little children, especially little boys anymore!

    Anybody that loves people that are sexually depraved and who molest children are sick fucks! and YOU are one sick fuck!

    And anybody that idolized another human being, obviously doesn't have much self-esteem.

    Ohh Michael! I luv u now and forever and ever! ROFLMAO! You are just as much a FREAK as Jackson was!!

    None of you ball-less, jaded liberal fucks have yet to answer the question: WOUD YOU, let YOUR children sleep with Michael Jackson in his bed? And if so, the what kind of demented, pychotic parent would you be??

    What kind of MAN sleeps with other people's children, especially orphans and young boys in his bed?? Hello McFuckingFly? Anybody home up there in your obviously empty cranium?

  68. Very entertaining.
    (the blog, that is)

  69. dont' be a "hater"! michael loved all the children! he gave them great nicknames! puckerbutt, blowhole, doo doo head, guppy lips, litte pooter, rosebud, sleeping bag, tator tots, gumby, applehead, baby rubba and more. The last one because michael and the young boy played a game together all the time called "rubba rubba".

  70. Right all these comments I have read whats wrong or right. I am saying this, Michael Jackson did not have soooo many plastic surgeries, may one or twice. Those people who worked at the Neverland Ranch for him, they all set him up putting porno magazines there,ect. Also Michael Jackson said in an interview vedio, that he used to recieve so many fan emails all over the WORLD! and gifts likes books, in those books were pictures of naked child. Michael Jackson was set up and he did'nt know it exists there. The paparazzi's were trying to bring him down, and people were jealous of his youth back then and now and people are jealous they cannot succeed in life, people around the world who think he is a 'P' is the devil themselves. They will continue to be the devil all life. Michael Jackson believed in Jesus, .love one another and be youth to yourself'.
    You haters out there are pure devil within your soul and you will never be rest in peace! You all need to know why are you on this Earth for? But when you die, you die and then re-born again, you know why you will be re-born again, cause the bad things and sayings you done in your previous life. These are the teachings!
    So once all these papparazi's and all you lot haters, will be re-born again and still bad things will happen to you. Believe me guys, you are all in the wrong for thinking bad about Michael Jackson. Believe me, he's in heaven, and his soul is finally in rest. All you haters have no life to live! Plus I am not surprised why bad things happen to you all, which you think 'why does it happen to me, not them'.
    He is NOT a peodo, he's pure innocent! And he SUCCEEDED in life to be A GREAT HUMAN BEING!

  71. Michael Jackson wanted to care for the children around the world and help the poor too. But once like I said again. He was set up. Okay fair enough he slept with children as he was a little child himself, he played games with them and computer games evrything that a normal boy does right? Exaclty! Michael Jackson has a inner child in himself.
    If you all you haters read a book about philosophy in life. Then you know what an inner child is like to be. 'Innocent' I know for the fact, he is not a 'P'. He's pure and innocent and therefore who ever created this
    website should shut it down. With respect just shut it down, someone has to be an mature
    adult on Anyways! These stupid haters, need to grow up. May God give you more brain to understand.:). You all haters will realise it one day, without you knowing, what could be accused on you.:).
    Respect. D.

  72. None of you stupid lunatic fringe zealots have YET to answer the big million dollar question: If YOU are a parent and had children WOULD YOU let Michael Jackson sleep with YOUR children in his bed??

    And if so, then what kind of parent would that make you?

    Again, all I see is stupid and moronic nonsensical bubble-headed groupie and fanboy talk. From a bunch of cult like followers, who want to live in their own little alternate realities, their own bubble worlds. And despite all the evidence, despite all the facts, despite all the warning signs, it all doesn't matter because you will cling to your whacked out beliefs, no matter what.

    You people are just as sick as Michael Jackson was.

    One or two surgeries? Good God man are you freaking blind?

    And how do you spin and make excuses for all the illegal drugs that the freak was doing? I suppose he was set up on that too?

    You have your pat little contrived answers for everything involving Michael Jackson. Oh he was just such an innocent victim!

    Go ahead and live in your stupid little alternate universes. And use stupid words like "haters". ROFL! It all fits in with your educational and intelligence levels.

    Sexually mature men do NOT sleep with little children! What is it that you don't understand about that? Especially OTHER people's children and/or orphans!

    It's incredible and defies imagination how stupendously stupid and ignorant you people are.

    You had better hope that there isn't a God, because if there is a heaven then your beloved Michael Jackson is going to burn in Hell for what he did to all of those helpless and innocent children. Jackson was a monster!

    R.I.P. (Rotten Idolized Pervert) Michael!

  73. Also please explain the game "rubba rubba" that Michael like to play with little boys. Since you seem to know so much about the "inner self" and Jackson's little boy in him and his game playing. Do you play rubba rubba too?

  74. You see who ever written after my comment 'May God help you to give you more brain to understand'.:).
    The mulitmillon dollar question, as you were saying 'the incredible freak', who written after my comment'.
    I am a parent and yes I would let him sleep with MJ. Cause you know why, you 'thick dumb freak', yes I WOULD SAY YOU ARE DUMB!'. Cause MJ was an inner child within himself. When you act and become the inner child youself, there's no HARM!.:). Right!
    I am going to have to explain to you again, are you just a 3 year old or 4. By looking at the comment you wrote. It just goes to show. You write and say stupid things like an 7 year old.:).
    You still don't understand why he took those drugs, well I explain to you, when people around the world make rumours and so much shit about that person. That 'person' can't take it or hear it no more. The human mind can't control it no more.
    Did I mention to you, you should learn more about 'PHILOSOPHY' about 'LIFE', YOU INCREDIBLE FREAK!
    YOU are the DEVIL.
    So if I were you, go and live in the DEVIL'S WORLD YOU MJ HATERS.:).

  75. And the second about 'rubba, rubba'. There is no such word called 'rubba, rubba', or an act or a game that connects with 'rubba, rubba'.
    So my question is you, you need to stop harrassing other people's life and think about your life!
    The multimillon dollar question is?????
    All you MJ HATERS! Need to look upon yourself and think about what were you saying just a minute ago. YOU ARE THE DEVIL WITHIN YOURSELF!
    So stop all these accusations which have or never accured. And start to believe that your the devil and accusing yourself.:). Do you understand, or shall I explain to you and your devil freind 'you bunch of pathetic twats' who does'nt understand a word!
    Go back to your country land and out of MJ's world.:).

  76. Gosh! 'rubba. rubba'=2 words right? You and your mate=rubba rubba.:). Theres your answer.:). Theres no such word such as 'rubba, rubba.:). I am kind of guessing it's your thing to do and whoever you do it with.:). As I say it again, you guys are way too dumb to understand!

  77. "I am a parent and yes I would let would let him sleep with MJ, Cause you know why you 'thick dumb freak',"

    Whoa! I come in here to look around and I think that I have seen enough! You take the grand prize too for being the most mentally unbalanced of them all! I only hope to God that you are NOT a parent! Children should not be sleeping with adults, especially single males. That's blatantly irresponsible, and totally incomprehensible for a parent to even contemplate allowing such a thing! And it is YOUR writing that appears to have come from a child. You write and spell so poorly, that it is pretty obvious that you are probably a teenager. Albeit a rather emotionally disturbed one at that.

    Speaking of words. There is no such word as "accured". At least in the context that you have used it. I Googled "rubba rubba" and as it turns out, that was *allegedly* a game in which Michael Jackson played in bed with little children. Just because there isn't any such word, certainly doesn't invalidate the other person's point and/or comment. Just as your improper usage of a word didn't invalidate your point.

    Listen, I am not taking sides in this debate, other than to say as a parent I wouldn't let my children sleep with ANY adult male and/or stranger. That's what really struck a nerve with me enough for me to post here! You didn't know Michael Jackson personally! And to be fair neither did all the venomous posters. There really isn't any valid way to ascertain exactly what, if anything Michael Jackson did, as far as allegations such as sexual improprieties with children or otherwise. Those allegations while disturbing and setting off alarm bells were never substantiated enough in a court of law.

    As it all stands though it is all pretty much a moot point. The man is gone. For better or for worse depends on one's perspective.

    What's relevant is making excuses for obvious criminal behavior such as buying, using and manipulating others with fame and fortune, to buy vast quantities of street drugs and prescription drugs (still in an illegal manner) to satisfy one's drug addiction. There is simply no excuse for criminal behavior! One can always blame such things on "society" and others. But the truth of the matter remains -and that is, the real fault lies with the individual who had CHOICES and made those choices on their own free will!

    And again it's very very ignorant and irresponsible to say that one would let their child sleep in a bed with an adult man, that they don't even know. That isn't parenting. As a mother I am totally appalled at you!

    Above the fray, Michael Jackson was a true talent and musical genius. He gave great pleasure to himself and many around the world through his wonderful music and dancing.

    Let's try to remember him for the good things. And also learn something here. Lifestyles of the rich and famous, because of the nature of acquiring and possessing huge sums of wealth, and all the fan adoration, inevitably leads to many negative and ill effects. Often very dangerous and illegal ones. We have seen this pattern with many others and will continue to do so. Blind idolatry is part of the problem.

    Pray for Michael Jackson's troubled soul. And pray for the torment and troubled souls of the comman man, or people...We all need help!

  78. In retrospect. My comments were a little harsh to you. I apologize. I was a little overcome by my emotions and maternal instinct as a mother.

    I shouldn't have lambasted you for your postings and/or writing. I realize that you are no doubt just as emotionally worked up and doing your best to speak your mind.

    It was wrong of me to make my comments with an ad hominem attack on you.

    Two wrongs don't make a right. Or as in the context of this entire blog -MULTIPLE wrongs do not make a right.

    Pardon me. Good fortune to you!

    Give your children the best of love! They deserve nothing but!


  79. Hi,
    Dora,you were right about one thing, it's good thing that you have apologised, you targetted on me. Why not on others, I could say the exaclty same thing to you. But not worth it.
    Even you can not write, spell, or what are you trying to speak out.
    You comments are totally different out spoken to
    Don't judge the book without it's cover! And that's what you done to me! Your like the rest of the others. Your still entitled to ur own opinion.

  80. What I'd like to know is, if you're almost 60, why do you even bother going to these sites and ruining it for the MJ fans? I'd think most 60 year olds wouldn't care. Oh, and since when do 60-year olds use "ROFL!" Obviously you have no life, and I highly doubt you're 60. And another thing...did you meet the man? No? Then shut the fuck up! You have no right to judge. Maybe he's guilty, maybe he's not. I choose to believe he's innocent, if I'm wrong then I'm wrong.

  81. I didnt c dora or the person she wuz talkn 2 doing ROLF or sayin how old they was. u r mixed up they both have brang up good pionts an i wouldnt let muy kidz sleep with MJ eithr but i dont have any kidz that i know of LOL but MJ is King of Pop forever!

  82. The BUFOONS who come to a site like this and disrespect someone who is the GREATEST ENTERTAINER OF ALL TIMES. Who has given millions upon millions of dollars to better the cause of humanity, nature, and animals. Who has demostrated love for ALL races...If YOU ACCUSERS WHO DID NOT KNOW Michael can continued your hate..may your hate stab you in your own faces and may you eat the fruit of what you spew out in hatred towards an innocent man. YOU DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO POINT FINGERS OR JUDGE. YOU DO NOT KNOW HIM OR WERE NOT SHUT UP! Go somewhere with your miserable selves. YOU DON'T EVEN HAVE THE DECENCY TO PLACE YOUR ROTTEN NAME AT THE END OF YOUR HATE STATEMENTS. THERE ARE MORE PEOPLE WHO REALLY LOVED MICHAEL JACKSON THAN HATED HIM. YOU HATERS ARE OUT NUMBERED!!!!!!!

  83. The Anonymous BUFOON above that has nothing better to do than being an IDIOT said:

    "None of you stupid lunatic fringe zealots have YET to answer the big million dollar question: If YOU are a parent and had children WOULD YOU let Michael Jackson sleep with YOUR children in his bed??"


    A REAL PARENT KNOWS..I REPEAT KNOWS THE WHERE ABOUTS OF THEIR CHILDREN..NO MATTER HOW OLD..until they are grown. FACT #2--If Michael was a pedophile and it was all about sex, he would NEVER have gotten on T.V. to say The kids slept over. They wanted to sleep in his bed AND HE SLEPT ON THE FLOOR...but of course all of the SEX-SICK minded people like YOU, Anonymous...ONLY heard 2 words in that interview..."boys" in which Michael said "children" and "bed" in which the minds of some went to sex... A pedophile HIDES.. PERIOD!!! YOU ,NON-CRITICAL THINKING, BABBLING IDIOT!!! A pedophile would not ask for an interview and then reveal having sex,..IDIOT . Use your brain PEOPLE!!!

    Fact #3--If Tom Sneddon (D.A. for Los Angeles against Michael) would have had an inkling of evidence that Michael molested children..Michael would have been thrown "UNDER" the jail!!! Tom failed to prove his LIE not once but TWICE. The witnesses and the accusers were and are LIARS!!!!!!!!! Why do you insist on convicting an innocent man and spewing your biased HATRED???

    AND TO ANSWER the Anonymous PRICK's initial question.....First of ALL YOUR SICK MIND IS Asking..Would we as a parents let Michael "sleep" with our children in his bed? THAT IS NOT WHAT HAPPENED. HE SLEPT ON THE FLOOR!! and the children slept in the bed.

    I would let my children sleep at Neverland. I would have also gotten to know Michael and the surroundings of the people before doing so. It would be ludicous to just "drop" children off to Neverland to spend the night with Michael without knowing him. USE YOUR BRAIN you BABBLING IDIOT!!!!


  85. how cum michael jacksons sista latoya said her own brother was a pedophill? then she got told and paid off/threatened so she shuts up. shutup or die beyatch! fact!

  86. Smooth Criminal 2003 RemixSeptember 14, 2009 at 12:15 PM

    As he came into the window,
    it was the sound of a baby cryin.

    they came into neverland,
    he left the bloodstains on his ass again.

    he ran underneath the table,
    so the cops would think he was unstable.

    So he ran into the bedroom,
    the secret one upstairs not down
    It was his doom.

    Rubba, are you oK?
    So Rubba, are you oK?
    Are you oK, Rubba?

    Rubba, are you oK?
    So Rubba, are you oK?
    Are you oK, Rubba?

    Rubba, are you oK?
    Will you tell us that you're oK?

    There's a sign in the window
    that he stuck you till a crescendo, Rubba.

    So they came into the outway,
    it was Sunday, what a black day.

    Mouth to mouth resuscitation,
    love note, peter pan imitations.

    Rubba, are you oK?
    So Rubba, are you oK?
    Are you oK, Rubba?

    Rubba, are you oK?
    So Rubba, are you oK?
    Are you oK, Rubba?

  87. Well said Ronda, well said indeed. I agree, just because you won't allow your kid to sleep in a man's bed doesn't make him a pedophile. If I had kids I wouldn't let them sleep in bed with him because I don't know him.

  88. Let's see, Rhonda said that she WOULD let her kids sleep over with Michael Jackson cuz she thinks that the kids slept in his bed while he was on the floor. I think it was Dora that said that whether or not Michael Jackson was a pedophile can't be proven and that you just don't go letting kids sleep with ANY man, regardless. Rhonda is one of those that would have liked her kids to sleep at neverland cuz she even said "after I get to know Michael" - yeah right! everybody want$ to get to $know$, or wanted to get to know Michael. of course she would let her kids sleep over!

    and u agree with Rhonda? and think that she said something special or something? u think that it's ok to let your kids sleep with other men AFTER you get to know him? WTF?

    Dora made more sense. u and Rhonda would endanger your children jsut for the sake of being close to famous celebritys

  89. Ok let me restate this...
    The "redneck" asked "Would you let your kids sleep in bed w/ him?" thinking that if we answered "no" we'd think he's a pedophile. I said that no I wouldn't because I don't know him, not because I think he's a pedophile. And I don't have kids so i don't really know what i'd do, i just know that if i'd let them sleep in a bed w/ anyone I'd better know them REALLY well first. and yes I would love to get to know michael, thank you very much. He seemed Like a very kind-hearted person, and I choose to believe he's innocent. No one knows for sure whether or not he's guilty. The only ones who are 100% positive are God, him, and those kids. If I'm wrong about him being innocent, then I'm wrong, but I am not gonna let whether I am right or wrong be determined by the people on this thread. I would be highly dissappointed if I died and went to heaven and saw that he wasn't there, but in the words of Shakespeare "It is better to love and have lost, then to never have loved at all."

  90. "I didnt c dora or the person she wuz talkn 2 doing ROLF or sayin how old they was."
    I was not speaking about Dora. I was speaking about "The Redneck." He claims to be 60 but as I said, why would a 60 year old waste his time getting a rise out of Michael jackson fans and using terms like "ROFL?"

  91. Hello! I am not 60 years old, nor the original person that you were flaming at an earlier time in here.

    Some observations though. One, is that name-calling or ad hominum personal affronts (attacks on the person) are markers or indicators of being on the losing side of an argument.

    Two, "ROFL" Rolling on the floor laughing, is merely an acronym. Acronyms are as old as the hills. ROFL, came about since the advent of the Internet. Some argue that they are more a form of slang than acronym because many common Internet ones cannot be pronounced such as WYSIWYG (WhizzyWig) or What You See Is What You Get. How does one say ROFL? LOL!

    Regardless, Only half of the Internet is considered the Word Wide Web (WWW). The other half is a very old portion called the Usenet. 90% of web users are not even aware of the Usenet or how it works. The Usenet is not the Internet.

    The use of ROFL was first recorded being used in the Usenet via old Deja News Usenet archives (now Google Groups). The Usenet is a discussion system consisting of thousands (nobody knows how many there actually are) of "Newgroups" that are classified hierarchically by subject.

    No person or group has any authority over Usenet as a whole.

    It was actually the Usenet that was responsible for creating many of the trends and/or tools and ideas that are in common use today such as WYSIWYG, ROFL and even the "emoticons" such as :^) and 0:-) .

    So it would not be surprising that a person who is 60 years of age would be familiar with acronynms and terms that date back to almost 30 years (are you at least 30 years old?) to 1980. The Usenet predates the Internet, and was used over phone lines and modems before the "Internet" started being called by that name several years later. The Usenet is a direct descendant of the original Arpanet developed by the US government and military.

    Personally I started reading the Usenet in the spring of 1981, after joining my first Arpanet mailing list in 1979. All early Internet feeds were in ASCII (ass-key) as the first browser "Mosiac" hadn't even appeared yet, along with the advent of the "WWW" which we all generally take for granted now with all the graphics and sounds, and rich html content that we enjoy today.

    So, in conclusion, using such forms of communication short-hand is not the exclusive domain of young people or texting happy teenagers. Your grandfather could very well have pioneered it's usage.

    It is also interesting to note that Michael Jackson was 50 years of age when he passed away. The members of pioneer music groups such as The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Who, Led Zeppelin are all in their 60's or even older and many of them have tragically left us as well.

    Lastly, you (and everybody else in here) would do well to keep in mind: "Those who have never tried electronic communication may not be aware of what a "social skill" really is. One social skill that must be learned, is that other people have points of view that are not only different, but *threatening*, to your own. In turn your opinions may be threatening to others. There is nothing wrong with this, your beliefs need not be hidden behind a facade, as happens wit face-to-face conversation. Not everybody in the world is a bosum buddy, but you can still have a meaningful conversation with them. The person who cannot do this lacks in social skills" -- Nick Szabo.

    Let us all remember Michael Jackson fondly and before his decline. He is certainly a permanent member of the Music Hall of Fame.


  92. The redneck is a stupid asshole 60 years old degenerate sheep fucker! I hope that he fucking dies from a heart attack while he fucks his farm animals!!! You are all ignorant pices of shit! FUCK YOU BRAD TEMPLEFUCK if that is even your real name! you are an old fucker to! old queer fuckers all need to die cuz this is the new world order! Michael Jackson was all about peace and love!! The new world order is about peace and love!! So fuck off and die old queer assholes!!!



  94. Thank you for not picking sides brad. I'm glad that you can at least respect michael jackson as a mucisician rather than accusing him for being a horrible pedophile and trying to get a rise out of everyone like the "redneck" does. I was not name-calling him to be name-calling, but merely because that is what everyone was reffering to him as. As you see earlier, there was some confusion as to who I was speaking about so I replied "the redneck."

  95. wow! Eric, such venom and hatred! And you promote "peace and love" at the same time as you rage about wanting people dead? Please tell me that this is a spoof?! ??? There is some really disturbing debates and wars going on in here! okay, MJ was a very talented and fantastic entertainer! No doubt! But who in their right mind thinks its okay to have him sleep with children or let their own children sleep with him? What for? so he could tickle their backs? MJ was a man/child. That's pretty obvious! But he was a 'sexually mature' man/child and that's where the problem lies with him sleeping with kids. Not saying anything happened (don't scream death threats at me Eric) but! It just wasn't right! And he cut his own throat with that crazy stuff! Nobody really knows what happened and this will be debated and argued about for decades to come I suspect. There are better things for us to be worrying about! the King of Pop is whatever YOU want hiim to be in YOUR hearts! I don't think that with his nature that he would want us to be screaming insults and threats at each other, and engaging in all this name calling. Do you?

    George P.

  96. What kind of parents would have allowed their young sons to be anywhere near Michael Jackson without supervision? The answer is indigent, emotionally vulnerable parents with (sexy) children in mortal danger, broken families, sick children, mounting medical bills with no way to pay for them, no car, on the verge of insolvencey.

    That's what kind of parents would have allowed such otherwise unthinkable irresponsibility. Desperate and/or greedy ones.

    Your are wasting your time Jack, preaching to these mindless zombie zealots in here. Look at their spelling and their sentence structuring. They are already as tissue-dead in their brains, as Michael Jackson's nose was.

    While they repeatedly shrug off criticism and negative comments or opinions as the work of "haters" (is wishing somebody to choke or have a heart attack the wishes of a "lover"?), they are the "losers" of the world. The ones mostly still living off of mommy and daddy's dime. The failure to launches, the crash n' burns. They can't even pay for their own Internet connection let alone grasp proper parenting.

    This is the vidiot generation. Where a good education and concepts such as 'spelling' get thrown right out the window. A generation of Wally World workers, of minimum wage earners. Of retarded mental and emotional development. The ones that empower a Marxist president, because any bone thrown to them, is better than no bone at all! It's a very appealing notion to rob and confiscate wealth from others, if you are one of the ones that stand in the vast lines of recipients with your mouths open, and hands out.

    Bug-eyed human flotsam. Hungry but with nary a clue. Children having babies. Sexually mature people (from a physical development standpoint) and of legal age, but with the minds and attitudes of mere children. "The government NEEDS to take care of us! It's their responsibility not ours!" Legions of sexually over stimulated (Internet overload) and narcissistically indulgent human locusts. Like a great plague.

    This new degeneration idolize punks such as Eminem, Sodomizers and rapists like Tupac Shakur. Snoop Doggy Dog murderers and Notorious 'BIG' gangstas and celebrity felons. Theirs is not a world of morality or of right versus wrong. Theirs is a 'if it feels good therefore it must be ok, then do it!' Beat it! Beat it! Rubba! Rubba!

    Even the traditional courtship rituals of males and females have been blurred. It doesn't matter anymore who's with who, or how one is with who. Or even how many! Tom with Dick and Judy with Mary. It's even better with Tom, Dick, Judy, Mary and Peter all together! Why not? If you are totally aghast or shocked and cry foul! Then you are a "hater"!

    Everybody who is a dissenter in this new paradigm shift is simply a "hater"! The new morally ambivalent Zeitgeist! The precursor to total societal collapse. The harbingers of doom via rot from within. Moral decay and decadence. As only a broken moral compass, and a severely damaged foundation can bestow.

    A "Hater"

  97. Michael Jackson's bedroom where he slept with the kiddies was very special. To even enter Michael Jackson's bedroom, a secret code was required to get through the elaborate security system and reinforced locks. Jackson had a peephole that he could look out of so he could see who was outside of his bedroom door.

    Up on the 2nd floor of his 2-story bedroom, Michael had a huge cedar closet with a secret room. This room was located through a hidden door in the back of the closet. The secret room had its own security code panel and three locks.

    There were many such secrets in Jackson's Neverland Ranch.

    Some were so well designed and hidden that they eluded police and other investigators initially.

    Another closet contained a secret door that opened to a narrow carpeted stairwell lined with rag dolls and descends into an 8 x 7 secret chamber.

    The covert cubbyhole was a twisted version of a childs bedroom.

    A bed is covered with pillow casees imprinted with Peter Pan's face and the word 'Neverland'. Sitting on the bed was a red-headed, bug-eyed stuffed doll, and on the nightstand next to the bed was a Mickey Mouse telephone. Also next to the bed was a square console that functioned as a radio and a control terminal.

    The walls were adorned with framed pictures of smiling diapered babies, real pictures, which were NOT of Jackson's children.

    To get to the hide-a-way, his young visitors had to pass through Jackson's main bedroom suite, which had an oversized velvet and gold throne and four-poster bed. The ten-foot-long walk-in closet that hides the secret entrance was packed with military style costumes, children's toys and books and a prominently displayed picture of "Home Alone" actor Macaulay Culkin.

    Culkin, who was befriended by Jackson during his days as a child star, had penned a note on the photo, reading, "Don't leave me alone in the house!".

    This has all been documented in a tape shot in 1994. It was later discovered by police investigators. Jackson never revealed the room to British documentary filmmaker Martin Bashir, who had interviewed the singer extensively and toured much of the 2,600 acre Santa Barbara ranch. But the billionaire superstar admitted to Bashir that he often invited children to share his bed.

    "I have slept in bed with many children," Jackson told Bashir "It's very right. It's what the world needs - more love, more heart."

    Were the actions in Michael Jackson's secret room more innocent than nefarious?


    Type these into your browser to see the pictures:

    The first picture shows the many locks and keypad entry device still on the door to Michael Jackson's bedroom.

    The second pictures shows the hidden room in the back of Michael Jackson's upstairs closet.

    If one would care to Google hard enough, you can find the video of the bedroom and the show on which it was aired.

  98. Touche' George...Michael would not like us to be hating each other over him.
    And "Bugger," Just becuase I am a Michael Jackson fan it does not mean that I idolize rappers,and partake in orgies. I am also not a liberal. I am very much annoyed that you would classify me and all other michael jackson fans simply because we love and admire a man who seems to us to be innocent and loving, and to you and several others maybe not so. I can understand why you would think he was a pedophile, however, as stated earlier, I chose innocent until proven guilty. I choose to love him, no one goes to hell for love. And I choose to love him because I find him to be a very loving, and talented person. If I am wrong, then obviously he's not the person I thought he was, but until then, I choose to love him. Don't ever classify me or others by the people we choose to love. I am very much offended that you believe that this generation is all the same.

  99. I am beginning to believe that MOST of the personas in here, both anonymous and one's using "names", are all the same person, except for a casual comment here and there. Both the "REDNECK" and the redneck name callers or haters. After reading everything thoroughly in here, there are too many parallels and connections to be merely coincidental or the work of many people. Somebody is playing both sides of the coin here. Talking and responding to their own comments. Being that this blog is being run and paid for by somebody, I suspect that there is a purpose for this? Perhaps some kind of crazy study of human nature or ??? Who knows? Why isn't it shut down? But's it's all very creepy. I can't say that I agree with either side. I just want to say my piece or two cents here and then RUN AWAY!!!!

    Commander Cody
    Eric Hughes
    Mary Lambert
    Lorene Pichay
    anti-Redneck anon
    Alexid McDonald
    Bugger Butt

    ALL = SAME person!!

  100. I am one person. I'm the one who keeps saying I choose to love him and if I'm wrong I'm wrong, but now that you mention it, the "redneck" and the "bugger" do seem like the same person...perhaps they are, perhaps they just share a common thought...hmm...

  101. To know so much about pedophilia someone must be one himself, so to annonymous I say go check yourself out and leave MJ to rest in peace. He was a great person and very misunderstood. May God have him in his bosom and may the Lord forgive you for being such a judgemental person without having any kind of proof! He was aquitted!

  102. So a person that is a crime expert, like a criminologist is in fact a criminal themselves? Because they "know so much about" crime? Hmm, interesting conclusion. Then in the same paragraph, the old religious whimwham about God and being judgmental, while in fact judging somebody yourself by claiming that somebody is a paedophile. What is it with people and their religious beliefs? Not trying to be insulting here, so much as just pointing out that it seems like there is always so much contradictions in opinions given with a teligious twist or spin to it. You are not adding anything of value to the argument with your method. Anybody can Google things up, even material only previously reserved for physicians and even how to manufacture a nuclear device. So what does that mean? It certainly doesn't make any of those people slamming Michael Jackson an expert or any authority by any means. I haven't seen anything of real substance about paedophiles here either. Where are you seeing it? All I see are stupid flame wars. And neither side has the upper-hand or moral ground, because of their extremely boorish behaviour. You Americans don't seem to be very civil to one another (and the world) very often. Ever wonder why so many people from other countries do not care for your country?

    Njorn Voorden

    GIVE A REST U ALL GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!


  104. how can he b in heaven if there is suposed 2 b judgement day, and all men on same day will b judged and that cannot 2 have happened yet! heaven not created yet!!!! u do not know!!!stop religos bullshit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!CRAZYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY




  107. You don't even READ your own Bible and you are calling people names ("dimwit")?? Talk about being a mized up person! It's called "Last Judgement" aka: Final Judgement and/or Judgement Day. Just in case you would ever like to enlighten yourself, you should at least try to adhere to your own beliefs. And that starts with lEARNING about them and "Judge not, lest you be Judged"... Best to leave religion(s) out of debates, it just sidetracks any argument and usually causes more turmoil, as everybody has a different interpretation or spin on things when it comes to their own religious indoctrinations.

    It would appear that "the Devil is within the soul" of anybody that doesn't share your viewpoints? And do you really expect to be taken seriously with that?

  108. Are u religious????

  109. 1 The LORD Almighty says, "The day of judgment is coming, burning like a furnace. The arrogant and the wicked will be burned up like straw on that day. They will be consumed like a tree - roots and all.

    2 "But for you who fear my name, the Sun of Righteousness will rise with healing in his wings. And you will go free, leaping with joy like calves let out to pasture. 3 On the day when I act, you will tread upon the wicked as if they were dust under your feet," says the LORD Almighty.

    This is the first verse in the bible that refers to post-death, post-resurrection, long-term effects of this life, for those who actively reject God’s goodness. Notice that the 'quality of life' is described as 'disgrace' and 'contempt'--hardly mind-numbing torture terms! If the hell-experience had been understood as the intense suffering commonly attributed to it, then this verse has focused on very minor aspects of that--to the point of being misleading perhaps.

    The teachings of the Judgment, and of retribution and reward, runs counter to everything that Satan stands for. Through the teachings of evolution, reincarnation, or an immediate departure to heaven, hell or purgatory upon death, the concept of the Judgment has become meaningless to millions. In this rather lengthy, but fast paced Scripture compilation, we will be looking at the concepts of the Judgment, justice, mercy, vengeance and retribution and the events surrounding the great day of the Lord. Especially note the active role played by God in rendering judgment, as opposed to the passive view espoused by some. Additionally, we will look in a somewhat limited fashion at God's requirements for justice in our earthly judicial system. The books of life, record and remembrance all come into play at the Judgment so references to these have been included as well.

    SO THERE, theres you answer you (dimwit).

    YOU ONE CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  111. END OF CHAPTER!!!!!

  112. BTW! My name is Lucky.:).

  113. ...Kinda funny...the picture of michael jackson grabbing his head like he has a headache is very fitting for these arguments. xD

  114. Haha!.:). Good one!!!!.:D.

  115. The Bible makes it clear that NO ONE will enter Heaven BEFORE Judgment Day. If that were not the case then there would be no named occurance called "Judgment Day", since the Judgment of each deceased person would have already occurred. It's quite simple actually.

    "Marvel not at this: for the hour is coming, in the which all that are in the graves shall hear his voice, and shall come forth; they that have done good, unto the resurrection of life; and they that have done evil,onto the resurrection of damnation" (John 5:28-29).

    Away! With your simplistic distortions and jibberish! You merely copy and paste things from websites that you do not understand!

    You appear to have a very superficial knowledge of the Bible.

    True adherents of the Bible do not curse others, and engage in name-calling! Where does it teach this? You gain your boldness and arrogance from demons in your smug self-righteousness! You are certainly not on the path, which is very very narrow.

    Nor was it the nature of Michael Jackson to engage in name-calling and being so arrogantly bold, therefor you soil and tarnish his memory in this tribute blog.

    May God have mercy on your soul!

  116. Homework: Start reading at Daniel 12:1

    King James is good. The New International Version will make it easier for you to understand...

  117. 1) I do not copy and paste things!
    2) I do not need to do my homework
    3) You created this argument, I am still entitled to my own opinions!
    4) Now your name calling me as a curse????

    'Nor was it the nature of Michael Jackson to engage in name-calling and being so arrogantly bold, therefor you soil and tarnish his memory in this tribute blog.

    May God have mercy on your soul!'

    Well for your own information, why are you on this Earth for????
    This post is closed, if you can not understand english!.:).

  118. Do you know what the term "functionally illiterate" means? Many such folks can
    read and write simple enough sentences but
    their skills are very inadequate to function
    properly in everyday life, because they cannot
    grasp the many ideas and concepts in such sentences or paragraphs. It's a failure to grasp the big picture so to speak.

    You posted: "Through the teaching of evolution, reincarnation, or an *immediate departure to heaven*, hell or purgatory upon death, the concept of the Judgment has become meaningless to millions."

    So then you posted another short diatribe literally SHOUTING IN ALL CAPS "DEPARTURE TO HEAVEN! LEARN AN GO BACK TO SCHOOL! YOU ONE CRAZY!!!!!!!!! ASSSSSSSS!!!!!"

    Interesting how your writing style changes so dramatically like that! If what you claim is true "I do not copy and past things!". Then the question begs, are you bi-polar or what?

    It is blatantly obvious by the wording of what you have posted (the material in lower-case) was merely copy and pasted. Those are not your words. Anybody can see that! Who do you think that you are fooling? Then you went into your little rant with the ALL CAPS SHOUTING and cursing again. That is certainly not an indicator of a stable emotional state of mind.

    Do you even realize that what you had posted literally was stating that the "teachings" of an "immediate departure to heaven" is undermining the beliefs of people, lumping that teaching in there with non-Christian teachings of evolution and reincarnation, which ia a major contradiction to Biblical teachings? In other words the concept of "an immediate departure to heaven" is unsound and detrimental.

    So here we have you, an apparently unstable and apparently angry functionally illiterate person, copying and pasting things which are very obviously way beyond your levels of comprehension. And then SHOUTING like you have posted something profound or enlightening to state your case or argument. And you are merely just echoing the words "DEPARTURE TO HEAVEN!". Much like a Mynah bird.

    You simply saw something on a website somewhere, a sentence that you *thought* fit what you are trying to argue or convey. You seized upon it without really grasping what context that it was being used in, and ironically it conveys the exact opposite of what you really wanted it to. And you in fact totally threw away and lost your whole argument (I would prefer the word "debate") with me, by literally posting information, that is essentially telling you the same thing that I am trying to explain to you.

    Now, I don't expect you to understand any of what I am saying now, any more than you so far have understood anything else.

    Please go find somebody that can read properly and have them go over these posting and perhaps they would be so kind as to explain it all to you, in a gentle fashion.

    I have not cursed you or "name called you as a curse". That is just more of your lack of understanding and a very low reading comprehension level.

    Sometimes the truth may hurt some, but if it helps bring about profound change in your life, and you get the proper assistance that you need, then it can be a very positive thing.

    Do try to read the New International Version of Daniel 12:1. You can Google it by using these key words "Daniel 12:1" exactly like that, and your first Google hit should be the New International version, and the second will be the King James translation.

    Try to understand what it is telling you.

    Lose your anger. There is simply no need to rant, rave, SHOUT and behave in such a rogue fashion. Name-calling does not win arguments or debates. It just debases you as a person. It makes you look bad. Nobody is out to get you. And as such you are your own worst enemy.

    Best Wishes!!

    "Your (sic) the devil within your soul"
    "theres (sic) you (sic) answer you (dimwit)."
    "Now your (sic) name calling me as a curse????"


    I don't think that English is this looney maroon's first language. He should be listed in Kookapedia!

    Why waste your breath with an obvious mental defective? The dude is a frickin' moron. Just look at some of the things he says!

    He's so dumb, that he doesn't even realize that he's a total dumb-ass! Hell, he may even be the 'genius' in his family? ROFLMAO!



  121. I smarter then you anytime! Post closed again for lack of you brain!!! :).

  122. about complete change of subject xD

  123. YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    HAVE NO LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  124. YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!
    HAVE NO LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Shut the Fuck up, you stupid brain-dead fucking moron! How does it feel to be so fucking stupid that you cannot compose simple sentences correctly, type or post anything with substance, and not be able to spell?

    Your mother must be really proud of you!

  125. funny how a dimwit was calling others a "dimwit". heh!

  126. "YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    HAVE NO LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ^ ^

    well i guess what goes around comes around eh? what did u expect when u cursed at people & called them names?

  127. just need sumbody knew to suck ma dick now
    dont care bout rest of cwazy shit round hear
    i miss micheal a hole lot! he do suckme moonwalk like know other!


  129. You guys, honestly need to grow up!
    He's a legend!

  130. A legend in your own mind perhaps Macaulay...

  131. and we're back to talking about michael...

  132. So Jackson Fan,

    It's OKAY then that he molested children?? And you justify this with a "nobody is perfect"?? And act like his talents and entertainment value made up for such a little flaw? WTF? Are you like on crack or something dude? You are a dude aren't you? God only knows? Maybe you are a hermaphrodite or something? That could possibly help explain your sheer madness.

    Hey! Adolf Hitler was pretty cool and all right too (if you weren't a Jew!), and did you know that he was a very accomplished water-colorist/artist? I mean like hey! He was just "a little whacked"! It's not like he molested children or nothing! We should (using your flawed logic) give him a historical break too! Many Germans and others loved ol' Adolf and they miss him!!!


  133. and we're back to talking about michael...
    and folks will be talking about Michael for a long time again. freaky ol' Michael and all the freaky things that he did, and how he got freakier and freakier near the end.

    Superfreak! He was Superfreaky... (wasn't that a song? about a girl? with all those female hormones that Michael had injected to keep his voice so high-pitched he might as well have been)

  134. Michael Jackson was a textbook pedophile, a 50-year-old predator who plied children with wine, vodka, tequila, Jim Beam whiskey, and Bacardi rum. A man who gave boys nicknames like Doo Doo Head and Blowhole and then quizzed them about whether they masturbated and if "white stuff" came out. A man who conducted drinking games with minors and surfed porn with them on a laptop in his Neverland Ranch bedroom, noting that if anyone asked what they were looking at, the kids should just say that they were watching "The Simpsons". A man who frequently talked sex with his little companions and explained that 'boys have to masturbate or they go crazy." A man who told one pajama-clad boy that he wanted to show him how to "jack off." When the tipsy child declined the demonstration, Jackson announced, "I'll do it for you," and buried his hand in the boy's Hanes briefs, size small. And a man who emphasized to his little friends that these activities were "their little secret" and should not be disclosed to anyone, even if a gun was at their head.


  136. *sigh* -_- Ok where are you guys getting your facts? If he he had actually done these things and people knew about it, he would have been in jail a long time ago. (and STAYED there!) There was not nearly enough evidence to prove that he was guilty, and if the parents knew for sure that their kids were molested, and they were good parents, they would not have left the case with money, they would want justice.

  137. ^^

  138. Thank you, glad you agree. :)

  139. "sigh* -_- Ok where are you guys getting your facts? If he he had actually done these things and people knew about it, he would have been in jail a long time ago. (and STAYED there!) There was not nearly enough evidence to prove that he was guilty, and if the parents knew for sure that their kids were molested, and they were good parents, they would not have left the case with money, they would want justice."

    Yeah, u r absolutely right!! People ALWAYS end up in jail for the crimes that they commit in the American Justice System, and the innocent always get acquitted! Just ask O.J. Simpson! I concur! Justice ALWAYS prevails. Money can't buy your way out of things, it can't pay off lawyers, bring in top-dog "big guns" to handle your case, it couldn't possibly be used to pay off and bribe the accusers, or to threaten, and otherwise distort justice. NOT IN AMERICA!!!! NO SIRREE!!! UH-AH! NO WAY BABY! JUST CAN'T EVER HAPPEN!

    And it's always alright if you are rich, famous and talented, and have a chimpanzee named "Bubbles" to sleep in bed with children! Children of any age, any sex and of any amount! Because who couldn't trust a great dancer and singer with a partner like Bubbles? He had to have been a Grade-A, all-around swell guy! Nothing wrong with that sort of thing! PERFECTLY NORMAL!!! IT'S JUST NATURAL! KIDS NEED TO BE LOVED IN BED AND HAVE AFFECTION!! AWWWW

    And those hidden chambers and rooms, locks and cameras, they were just part of the fun for the children! They like secret stuff and fun like that!!!

    Why can't people just accept all of this and understand that Michael was just perfectly normal? Just an all around average Joe. Nothing out of the ordinary there! Totally balanced and level-headed man! The kid of role-model you would want to have your young children around! Yes sir!

    I totally agree too!

  140. most of these people in here posting are asshole groupie freaks that ain't got no fucking clue whatsoever, they ignore ALL the signs that their beloved freak boy was a sick perverted doped up bastard, and live in an alternate universe. none of them quite frankly give a flying shit about any abused children. nobody in their right mind could possibly defend a freak who admittedly slept with little boys. and whatever happened to the fucking dumb monkey? I think that the damn thing bit off M's nose and that's why he suddenly was out of the scene.

  141. michael liked womens! he had sex with liz tailor and many mnay other womens!!!! lisa to! evlis would be prod!

  142. Yeah right! Elis would be proud that some freaky black dude that had a sexual identity and maturity crisis, was briefly married to his daughter Lisa Presley in an obvious sham marriage to help boister his faltering image. Are you fucknuts all on crack in here??

  143. and sex with Elizabeth Taylor?? OMG! ROFLMAO!!! Gross!!! That old bag? YOU ARE ON CRACK!!!!! Jackson was on drugs but he wasn't that doped up!!!


  145. You sick bastard! How fitting that you are a Michael Jackson fan! Only clueless morons talk in all CAPS. Is your caps key stuck or are you a moron?

  146. Michael Jackson Pedophile Reality Check: Is It Mean or are you a "hater" to Suspect that Michael Jackson Might Have Been a Pedophile?

    The short answer is no, it’s not mean or irrational.

    Under normal circumstances nobody gets to do what Michael Jackson did (bring unrelated children into his bedroom overnight). No adult man gets to do that without suspicion cast upon him by other adults. It’s simply not sane to give adult males that kind of latitude with the most vulnerable among us. And for Jackson to engage in that behavior—bringing children into his bedroom overnight—and then act put-upon by the public for being suspicious that he was a pedophile is outrageous.

    An analogy: Every weekend a suburban woman goes to a street corner known to be frequented by prostitutes. She gets picked up by cruising men who drive her to nearby motels. Before they return her to the same street corner, they give her money. She tells people that she never has sex with the men. Never touches them. Never blows them. Never lets them put their hands on her. She just talks to them. They simply drive around. She feels compassion for the men. They’re lonely. She tells them about Jesus. She wants to help them. She doesn’t understand why all those around her suspect she’s a whore.

    Jackson engaged in equally outrageous (and suspicion generating) actions—many of them characteristic of pedophiles—and then he is shocked—shocked!—that people might suspect that he is, well, a pedophile. And the power disparity between Jackson and the children who visited his bedroom for “sleep-overs” is enormous. A wealthy man in his forties was bringing children unrelated to him into his bedroom alone overnight. A person needs to absorb the import of that before suggesting that the suspicion directed toward Jackson is unreasonable and based on animus.

    Furthermore, to treat pedophile-suspicion directed toward Michael Jackson as a form of persecution is to tell people it is wrong to speak plainly about what is evident. Jackson lived his life in ways characteristic of a pedophile. It doesn’t mean that he was one. It means that there is a real probability that he was one. No adult male gets to bring unrelated children into his bedroom alone overnight without suspicion being rendered by other adults. It would be a monstrous dereliction of duty toward the children involved not to cast that suspicion. And it would be Orwellian not to speak to others plainly about it.

    I understand “innocent until proven guilty.” But I sure the hell wouldn’t have had him anywhere near my children. And the children that he did bring around him were oftentimes hugely vulnerable (cancer patients; boys of poor single mothers). An adult single male obsessed with Peter Pan and decorating his bedroom with children’s toys was bringing kids into his bedroom for “sleep-overs.” That should set off five alarm predator worries in any sane parent who is not stupid or tempted by greed. And Jackson showed zero evidence of having any serious impulse control. The older I get, the less patience I have for bullshitters. Michael Jackson was, in my view, a huge bullshitter who got away with spectacular amounts of bullshit. Everyday, bullshitters look at their bank accounts and say, “How stupid people are!” This, in my view, was what Jackson was doing. He was using his fame and wealth and “mystery power” to get away with things. It’s an old game. If you dress like a glitzy version of Captain Crunch (as Chris Rock noted that Jackson did), or put on the clothing of a priest, or have money, then you can cast spells on people and get away with stuff.

    Jackson was a spell-caster.

  147. ^^^^^^^
    Get a life dude!

  148. like Michael Jackson's life?? How many kids do ya got? Want to make some money?

  149. A glitzy version of Captain Crunch! HaHa! Too funny! Never thought of it that way but right on the money!

  150. I happen to be one of those people who think that death does not get someone off the hook for having dabbled in Antisemitism. With the whole world of pop and preadolescence in shock over the death of singer Michael Jackson, it behooves us to remind you all that Mikey also was prone to outbursts of Antisemitism. This was many years before the reports that he was getting interested in Islam and building a mosque in Bahrain. (I am sure his interest in Islam was as genuine and deep as the interest by Madonna and Roseanne Barr in ka-BBBAAAALLLL-la – as they mispronounce it.)

    A few years back Jackson took time off from riding the roller coaster with his 10 year old friends in “Neverland” and recorded a nasty anti-Semitic song with lyrics that included, “Kick me, Jew me,” and similar sentiments. He also referred to Jews as leeches and other metaphors.

    If you haven’t already heard, tapes have been released to the media of Wacko Jackson accusing Jewish people of "trying to suck his blood".

  151. Jackson even pretended at one point to have some interest in Judaism. When that story was in the media, I posted this:

    Michael Jackson’s Judaism

    There are reports out this week that yet another Hollywood entertainer is suddenly interested in Judaism. The newest one though is none other than Michael Jackson. This is the same Jackson who recorded a couple of years back a song featuring the words “Kike Me, Jew Me,” which triggered a storm. At the time the head of the Anti-Defamation League, Abe Foxman, added Jackson to his list of Hollywood anti-Semites being granted papal absolution by Foxman, earning him his current nickname, the Twentieth Century Foxman.

    Jackson’s sudden interest in Judaism comes after the other highly publicized cases of entertainers taking an look into Jewish mysticism, including Madonna and Roseanne Barr. It is all part of a larger wave of Hollywood airheads getting “into” religion, which includes Richard Gere’s adoption of Buddhism and John Travolta’s levitating the molecules in his butt over to the Scientology “church”. In Jackson’s case, he has reportedly approached the controversial Rabbi Shmuel Boteach for “spiritual counseling”. Boteach used to be a Rabbi at Oxford University, with ties to the Lubavitch movement, but is most famous these days for his saucy popularizing and discussing of Jewish attitudes towards sex (including an interview in Playboy).

    Jackson’s sudden interest in Judaism raises a number of questions, not least regarding the anti-Semitic song he recorded earlier. SO let me give you my reading of this new “Jewish” Michael Ben-Yaakov.

    First of all, Mikey’s “Kike Me, Jew Me” song appears in retrospect to be a desperate call to Reb Boteach to connect him to Judaism. Jackson=s constant grabbing of his crotch while singing has to do with his contemplation of that rite of passage necessary for any male to join Judaism and the fears it must arouse. Suppressed for decades is the fact that the REAL original unabridged name of the Jackson Five was the Jackson Fivebooksofmoses. And all that hanging around with twelve year olds that earned Jackson his reputation as a pederast? Why, he was just attending with them Bar Mitzvah lessons, that is all.

    And what about Jackson’s famous series of surgeries and medical douches, the ones that have produced of him a creature of ambiguous racial and gender identity? Friends, this was nothing more than the consequence of Jackson studying the Scroll of Ruth from the Bible and then, well, deciding that he wishes to look like Ruth.

  152. Michael is innocent! He's not a child molester or a liar!!!!

    PROOF Beyond a shadow of a doubt! He is always honest and kind! He wouldn't ever do anything untoward to children or lie about anything!

  153. Good post Eric! Gawd, when you see it in perspective like that, with the video and all, it's really an eye-opener! There really cannot be no doubt! WOW!!!

  154. You know, I m reading some of these comments and there are some really disturbed people here. There also seems to be a lot of minors on here because some of the statements can only come from a childish mind. It's amazing how a handful of people know about these magazines with semen on them. I have never read so much anger and bull****.
    Why is it your business how many surgeries or whatever was going on in this man's life. Hate and jealousy is a very sick instrument. You see what you want to see and hear what you want to hear. You can be proven wrong and hundred times over and you will still point the finger at MJ. You people sound as if you were right there when all these accusations were occurring. You were right there when the evidence was collected or planted. LA cops are the most corrupt. All you picture perfect citizens, what’s in your closet?

  155. Hey dumbfuck IT IS SOCIETY'S AND *EVERYBODY'S* BUSINESS when a grown man admits to and SLEEPS with young boys, especially not of his own IN HIS FUCKING BED!

    Hello McFuckingFly! Anybody home??

    You are just as disturbed as anybody you clueless starstruck ball-licking twit!

    It's amazing how so many of you dirty ilk, you liberal diseased minds, the fanboys and little Michael Jackson groupies can over look all blatantly obvious signs that the man was mentally ill, he was a raging drug addict and you think that this is all about "jealousy"??

    You are a fucking idiot! It's about somebody that is rich, famous and so powerful that he literally got away with raping and molesting young boys! Because of mindless drones such as yourself, that couldn't see the bushes from the blades of grass, let along the forest from the fucking trees.

    Watch the video you fucking freak. And then tell me that this is an A-OK, and okie-dokie, all-American sweet loving man, that should have the right to have as many children in his bed, by himself, anytime he wants. And tell me if this is what you would consider to be *normal* behavior? And if you think so then you are just as fucked up and freakish as Jackson was.

    What's in my closet? ROFLMAO! I and MOST people don't come even close to being a freak like Michael Jackson asshole! Just because nobody is perfect, you think that it's okay that "oh, yeah well okay, Michael was flawed, he liked to bugger young boys but WHAT'S IN YOUR CLOSET?? Nobody is perfect!".

    Like I said, you are a diseased liberal maggot and total fucking idiot like 90% of the idiots that are in total denial in this stupid blog.


  156. And as far as the porn found at Neverland that belonged to Michael Jackson (and that he showed to his little kiddie friends as evidenced BY THEIR FINGERPRINTS ON THE MAGAZINES) all you have to do is simply GOOGLE it, Einstein! But you won't do that will you? You prefer to live in total denial that your beloved crotch grabbing singer was a dirty pedophile amongst other things.

    And while the magazines were NOT out an out kiddie porn, several were of the "Barely Legal" type with young BOYISH looking models, totally nude, and like the title suggests - *barely* of age.

    Now that's some really sick shit! Nude magazines of young men? And he often sleeps with young boys?

    Like I said, only really left-wing, liberal and diseased fuck heads could attempt to spin this into Michael Jackson's favor and make him out to be some kind of saint and wonderful person!

    Explain the dungeons and secret chambers with Raggity Ann dolls and stuff animals, Peter Pan pillowcases and all that other weird shit in the secret little kiddie lovenest/hideaway.

    Google away and find the truth asshole! Or stay in denial! But come in here, and I'll continue to rub it into your face!

    The only way for this crazy shit, and allowing child molestation to continue is to awaken people to the truth and enlighten them to exactly how deceiving that pedophiles can be. Conniving, convincing and disgustedly perverted!

  157. the only thing that i can say is that if after anybody watching that video of Michael Jackson, they still think that he didn't have a LOT of plastic surgery, isn't a total kook and weirdo, and that it's okay for him to have little boys hugging all over him and in his bed all the time (oh but he slept on the floor with LOTS of pillows and covers that he pulled off "the bed"!) then they are pretty stupid and not worth anymore breath than already given to them! An idiot is as an idiot does and believes in...

  158. i will miss you michael jackson love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    from chloe randall

  159. love youxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    michael jackson xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  160. we miss u 2 MJxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx we miss playing rubba rubba with u in your bed!

    michael jackson forever xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    baby rubba
    doo doo head

  161. Kids called him applehead, I don't think he nicknamed a kid applehead.

  162. True, and it is probably no coincidence that "apple head" is slang for the head of a penis.

    The nicknames of the exclusive kiddie club members included Blowhole and Doo-Doo Head, amongst many others, some listed above and more left off the list.

    Blowhole is a very nice nickname for a young boy that sleeps in a grown man's bed eh?

    But of course, there wasn't any monkey business going on, unless Mr. Bubbles was there!

  163. Actually Blowhole's brother was also called 'Applehead' by Michael Jackson. And Jackson even called one of his own children Applehead, besides being called that himself by the little boys.

    That's a very good article to get a grasp of what the man was really all about.


    Proof of innocence.

  165. innocence my ass! the freak job ADMITTED to sleeping with children! He was a GROWN man that enjoyed sleeping and playing with little boys??

    give it up you flake! you are just as diseased as the freak Michael Jackson was....



  166. I can understand why you think that he is a pedophile, signs do seem to point towards it, however, these videos prove that there is a huge chance that he is innocent, merely a child in a grown man's body who has made some unwise decisions. And for your information, by admitting to "sleeping" with children he admitted to actually going to sleep, not sex. If he was a pedophile I doubt he would've even admitted to having kids in his bedroom.

  167. Oh, and another thing, mature adults also don't go on fan websites and bash a celebrity to get a rise out of people.

  168. oh so telling THE TRUTH about a freakish piece of shit is "bashing a celebrity" now eh bozo?

    a "child in a grown man's body" gets erections and just like children do, they explore their sexual nature. It's one thing when children do it with OTHER CHILDREN. And entirely something of a different nature when a grown man does it with children that he SLEEPS WITH.

    when do you liberal whackjobs ever get a clue?

    so are you on of those defendo freaks that would have let YOUR OWN CHILDREN, if any, sleep in Mike's bedroom and play games?

    the ignorance that you and others display just never ceases to amaze me!

    what kind of name is "Blowhole" for a kid?


  169. Oh, and another thing! You can not conveniently explain away the
    pornographic and nude books and magazines of men, especially very young
    men that looked to be of under the legal age of consent.

    Other than the lame Mel Gibson like "Conspiracy Theory" that they were planted

    Yeah and Elvis and Michael are living in the Unibomber's old cabin in Montana...

    The amount of items found and taken from Neverland by police and other
    investigators were very numerous.

    Some of the things found at Neverland:

    Item number 301...five DVD media covers...the covers indicated the

    contents were films from the Hustler 'Barely Legal' series...

    ...Item number 302 was described as a pornographic magazine located

    within the master bathroom at the Neverland Ranch residence. ...I

    found it to be a periodical entitled, 'The Best of Club'...

    ...Item number 303..three books that contained nude photographs,
    found in the master bedroom within the Neverland Ranch...

    ...the first book was... titled Scenes D'Interieur...The book
    consisted of a compilation of photographs of nude and/or semi-nude
    women, in sexually explicit poses.

    ...The second book was...Camp Cove - Photos Sydney Men... the book
    was a compilation of naked and semi-naked men...

    ...The third book was...titled Dressup: Playacts and Fantasies of
    Childhood. ...This book appeared to be a compilation of photographs
    that appeared to depict either pre-teen or early teen age
    individuals. Some of the pictured children were nude and/or

    ...Item Number 304. This item was described as being two
    pornographic magazines and two nude art books found in the master
    bathroom at the Neverland Ranch. ...The Gynoids (book) appeared to
    have a fetish (bondage, sadomasochism, piercings, etc.) related theme.

    ...Item number 305...a photograph of Macauley Culkin, which was
    located in the master bathroom...

    ...Item number 306...a pornographic magazine located within a metal
    brief case in the master bathroom...

    ...Item number 307...a book, which contained nude photographs of
    men...found in the master bathroom...titled Bidgood...a compilation
    of photographs of nude and semi-nude men.


    The following describes the contents of Item Number 309. Note all
    this stuff jumbled together. MJ kept a letter from a teacher asking
    to bring kids to Neverland alongside his porn! Along with a syringe
    and another fan letter - plus other items I didn't include in this
    summary --

    ...Item Number 309...a black leather bag, which contained
    pornographic magazines and pornographic DVDs.

    ...Within a separate compartment within this front portion of the
    briefcase...a 5cc syringe (no needle).

    ...On the reverse side of the briefcase was a compartment that
    contained miscellaneous loose papers and envelopes.

    ...There was a postcard depicting young boys (clothed) lined up at a

    ...The main compartment contained miscellaneous paperwork,
    pornographic periodicals...and two DVD cases that appeared to
    contain pornographic material...the first DVD was titled Michael
    Ryan's Believe It Or Not...the second DVD was titled Sloppy Dogs
    Presents: Fuck Me, I'm A Bad Girl.

    ...a letter from a student Councilor/Teacher...wrote of a
    desire to bring a group of children to California for the purposes
    of meeting with Michael Jackson.

    ...a greeting card from Erma J. Lardydell...the writer indicated she
    sang with Michael Jackson and provided the name of her son, Prince
    Alba, who was thirteen years of age...

    ...The final items within this compartment were the May 2002 issue
    of Gallery and the September 2002 issue of Gallery.

    Item Number 313...a book that contained nude photographs. This item
    was located in the master bathroom...This book was titled Naked As A
    Jaybird...some of the pictures depicted sexually explicit activities.

    ...Item Number 505. This item was described as being three books
    with photographs of nude and partially clothed children. This item
    was found in the downstairs cellar area of the video/arcade area.

    Item number 508...a book depicting nude children...titled The Fourth
    Sex, Adolescent Extremes...some of the pictures depicted individuals
    wearing no clothing, or in a state of partial dress...

    Item Number 509...a book...titled Cronos...the book appeared to be a
    compilation of numerous photographs depicting men, women, and
    children of both sexes...the majority of the photographs depicted
    the subjects completely unclothed, including the male and female

    ...Item Number 510...two bags of miscellaneous underclothes and
    bloodied bed linen...located in the upstairs library room of the
    video/arcade area. The Disneyland bag contained a red Prada brand,
    long-sleeve shirt...I also found the bag to contain a white cotton
    sheet with reddish brown stains on it, which I believed were
    consistent with blood staining. The Garden City Hotel bag had a
    white Harbor Bay long-sleeved cotton shirt; a folded cotton bed
    sheet...and numerous pairs of size 30 cotton total,
    there were nine pair of men's cotton brief underwear. Some of the
    briefs had discolorations and/or stains, but all pairs appeared to
    have been washed.

    Item number 514...the glass vial...seemed to contain remnants of a
    substance...submitted to the California...Crime Laboratory...

    Item Number 515...medicine bottles, found in the upstairs library
    room of the video arcade area...four prescription bottles...

    ...the first bottle indicated the prescription was prescribed to a
    subject named Michael Armstrong...the prescription was for Percocet...

    ...the second Peter should be noted this
    address (on the bottle for Midani) was also associated with a
    Grace Rwarambu (the nanny) ...the location is actually a television
    production company...prescribing physician was a Dr.
    Klein...contained Prednisone...

    ...third bottle prescribed to 'M.M.'...contents were...'Erytab'...

    ...fourth bottle indicated the intended recipient of the
    prescription was Frank Tyson...Dr. Arnold Klein...Beverly
    Hills...prescribed this medication...The prescription was for
    Alprazolam (Xanax)...


    Item Number 518...prescription paperwork...a prescription for Frank
    Tyson...for Alprazolam...prescribing physician was Dr. William
    VanValin...a prescription for a Manuel Rivera...for Xanax...the
    prescribing physician was a Dr. William VanValin.

    Item Number 349...paperwork found within the master
    bathroom...letter is addressed to 'Dearest MJ'...the letter
    indicated it was from Dr. Farshchian...The letter pertains to a
    'program' for outpatient detoxification...

    Item Number 1001...Barely Legal magazine...found in the
    museum/office area...

    Item number 1002...a magazine, found in the museum/office area...the
    December 2002 issue of 'Naughty Neighbors'...

    Items Number 1003 through 1008 were the beefcake, semi-nude
    shots of MJ's nephews, some featuring MJ posed alongside his
    nephew(s). Described in another post of mine

    Item #365...two hardbound books...'Robert Maxwell
    Photographs'...'The Christy Report Exploring The Outer Edges of the
    Sexual Experience'...

    Item Number 366...several books and magazines...located within the
    master bedroom/den area...

    ...five copies of 'The Nudist'...contained nude photographs of men,
    women, and children...

    ...19 copies of 'The Nudist, Sunshine and Health'...contained
    photographs of nude men, women, and children... magazine titled 'Solair Universelle Day Nudisme'...contained
    photographs of nude men, women, and children...

    ...a magazine titled 'American Sunbather'...contained photographs of
    nude men, women, and children...

    ...three issues of 'Eden'...contained photographs of nude men,
    women, and children...

    ...a softcover book...titled Man, a Sexual Study of Man...depicted
    naked males engaged in sexually explicit activities including oral
    copulation and anal sex...

    ...a softcover book...titled Taormina Wilhelm Von Gloeden...a
    compilation of photographs, which depicted both adult and juvenile
    males, who were posed in the nude...

    ...a softcover book...titled The Golden Age Of Neglect...the sexual
    behavior depicted in this book contained photography which depicted
    both male and female subjects, in various stages of undress,
    including full nudity. Some of the photographs depicted sexually
    explicit activity, including oral sex, masturbation, and digital
    penetration...the subjects appear to be within the age range of late
    adolescence to early adults...

    hard cover book...titled Before the Hand of Man...a
    compilation of photographs which depict nude males...

    hard cover book...titled Bob and Rod...a compilation of
    photographs of two adult males, who for the most part, were pictured
    in full and partial nudity...

  172. Yeah, Michael Jackson was just an all-around normal and nice guy that loved children! Never mind that he regularly slept with children! Never mind that he had hidden chambers and closets, a shitload of locks and security devices, cameras etc... in his bedroom. Never mind that he had porn and sexually inappropriate material ALL OVER HIS FREAKIN' house! Noooo that's all just fine!!!! Cuz "We Love Michael!" "Don't be a Hater!" and "He was a great singer and stuff!".

    I suppose that all of you twisted defenders of this perverted pedophiliac freak have a lot of the things on the list that were found at his Neverland ranch at your house too? Right? That's just NORMAL huh?

    What a great guy to love on and to sleep with little children! Wow! Doped up more often than not -into oblivion. The list of drugs that the deviant took is mind-boggling in itself. Let alone all the porn and sexually deviant material! ALL TOTALLY INAPPROPRIATE FOR A PERSON THAT PROFESSES LOVE OF CHILDREN TO HAVE AROUND THEM!!

    A child-man, who ruined his face, who knew no limits and had no boundaries. Who could say NO! to him? He did what he wanted, when he wanted, bought whatever he wanted, and he never even really knew WHAT he wanted. Yes he was a child like tragic figure!

    But child or not, when a GROWN MAN engages in sexual behavior with children that MAKES HIM A PEDOPHILE!!

    Anybody that continues to deny this is a total idiot and/or moron!

  173. Wow, you have no life. You spend all that time looking up things and posting them on a fan website, just so you could prove him to be a pedophile. Really? Just leave.

  174. "Just leave"?? Wow! You live here?? You must "have no life"?

    You are still up at midnight hanging out in here spending "all that time" reading what I "looked up"?


    Pull the blanket over your head...

  175. and this is NOT a "fan website".

    It's a deviant website where mindless cult-like followers of a deviant pedophile freak weave and spin their little bubble world fantasies to suit their own sordid little dirty lives.

    I am a beacon of light in the darkness, an exception to the brain dead zombies, that know nothing and care nothing about true deviant sexual behavior and/or children...

  176. You're not a beacon of light you're just an asshole who thinks he's doing everyone a favor when in reality he's just causing a stir. You're just as annoying as those People from that church who go around picketing people and telling them that God hates them all. And for your information just cuz I happen to be a fan of someone and believe "Innocence until proven guilty" and let God be the one to judge them, does NOT make me a cult-member thank you very much. If he turns out to be a pedophile, then he was a pedophile, and i'll be very sad because he won't be the loving person he always portrayed himself as. But there may actually be that he is innocent and just messed up in the mind thinking that HE was a kid. Either way, I don't know, you don't know, and no one else knows until we die. Therefore, I choose to let God judge him, and love him until I find out the true answer.

  177. And for your imformation I was up late because of work, not because I was waiting for your hateful comments.

  178. hateful or truthful or both?


  179. "Therefore, I choose to let God judge him, and love him until I find out the true answer."

    Only a real moron would think like that. That is totally irresponsible behavior and EXACTLY why Michael Jackson got away with the totally immoral and insane practice of sleeping with little boys in his bed!

    You and others like you are enablers because of your gross ignorance and cluelessness.


    Thank "God" that the whole of society doesn't have your apathetic and twisted viewpoint.

    Because basically you would allow children to be raped and molested under the guise of "Well I don't really know for sure that he (or she) is really doing anything wrong, and it's for God to judge not me..." la tee duh...

    Right! And All of those dirty predators caught by John Stossel on 20/20 in his camera sting operation, we really don't know what their intentions were do we? Therefor, we should leave that to God too! Judge not right?

    The evidence is all there dummy. All one has to do is sort through it.


    "If he turns out to be a pedophile, then he was a pedophile, and i'll be very sad because he won't be the loving person he always portrayed himself as."

    And that about is about the sorriest and most
    cavalier and self-centered thing that anybody can ever say involving innocent young children that were being potentially sexually victimized (as in sodomy, both oral and anal).

    Awww "you'll be sad!". Isn't that just special and oh so tragic to you and your little bubble world view and image of Michael Jackson? So he is just a pedophile, and your stupid feelings are hurt. Never mind all the hurt, pain and agony, of the little boys or children. Never mind their shattered lives and the hellish reality of the nightmare on Elm Street at Neverland that will always be there, throughout their lives, resurfacing constantly like a bad case of acid reflux, and always when you least expect it, or can ill afford it.

    Want to know how I know that mother fucker? Huh? It's because I live it. I was molested by a piece of shit school teacher in a private school, that was charismatic, and well loved and respected by everybody. And to this day a lot of people think that that dirty son-of-a-bitch was and is innocent. Yeah sure. I was looking to make my first million at age 10 when I finally broke and got the nerve to say something.

    And then nobody would believe me. Not even my parents.

    So FUCK YOU, you stupid, pathetic, rotten asshole of an excuse for a human being! Your lack of concern, despite the HUGE AMOUNT of evidence and warnings signs, plus the fact that the freak fucker SLEPT WITH LITTLE CHILDREN IN HIS BED, and don't think that because Michael Jackson was child like that he didn't have a dick and that it didn't work, you clueless dumb fuck!



    "loving person" my dying ass!

  180. You know, maybe people would believe you if you weren't such a dick. Spewing views into people's faces won't get them to approve of your views. And even so, what are your views gonna do for the rest of us? He's dead, we can't condemn him even if we wanted to. And what is with this "fuck the world" attitude? I'm really sick of it. This is why we don't listen to you, cuz you're rude and all up in people's faces. Yes, it sucks that you got molested, what do you want me to do about it? You want me to feel sorry for you or something? And even if michael was a pedophile, he's dead now. Nothing you can do about it. Hate him if you want to, it'll do you no good.

  181. There isn't any "hatred". A more appropriate word is "despise".

    I despise you clueless and spineless drones, that would allow children to continue to be molested and rather than stick your necks out of your turtle shells, you look the other way and pull them back in and hide.

    I don't want any sympathy from the likes of your kind. If I did, maybe I would use my real name or identity? What the fuck would it mean as anonymous? Nothing.

    No, what I would like to see, but's it's evident that things will never change. But it would be nice, to see a little CHANGE and HOPE for our innocent children out there. They are being abused in so many ways, more than ever.

    And my experience was over 50 years ago. And the sad part is that people are still just as clueless and stupid now, as they were then. In some ways, even more so!

    Yeah, Michael is gone! Some children can rest easy now. But how soon before the next one pops up, and takes his place? How many are out there now, and the people all around them live on clouds of delusion and denial?

    Sorry to spoil your fun, but I just can't find it in me to let any of you take pleasure in celebrating the life of a pedophile that hurt so many children like he did. And in your hearts, way deep down inside, although you don't really want to admit it, there is a seed of doubt, and of fear. And of recognition. It's there. However suppressed. It's there. You know it in your heart. It won't go away. It won't wash off. You know what is right and what is wrong. You were born with that ability to discern between the two. It doesn't mean that you will always act appropriately on those signals, or even fully acknowledge them. But you know...Go look at those pictures of Michael's bedroom. Of the secret places, and the locks. Look hard and feel, and then see. There is real evil there...

    G'nite....sweat dreams....

  182. Oh! people! Oh! people! You guys need to grow up, simple said and done 'Michael Jackson is innocent'.:).

  183. i dunno, i deleted my entire collection of michael jackson .mp3's and other stuff
    i am thru, after reading that guyz postings, yeah he's full of anger n he's a dick or acts like a big prick but what he says makes sense, n i got really creeped out googling pics of michaels house. he was really freaky! no doubt! an i beleive what he was saying is right, you dont do what he did with kids n that ain't normal man! nooooooo! i am so sick bout this! nooooooo! but i cannot deny! i feel really bad cuz i loved michaels music but cant listen to it no more. the more that u study an google the man the more that u realize that he was mental n very very messed up! specially sexaully...

  184. Fat Mike said
    I am a bullshitter and I made it up what I have wrote before! ABOVE^^^^
    I made the whole thing up!

  185. Well, even if he is a pedophile, (No one really knows for sure...)you can still enjoy his music. He made a huge contribution to the music industry. His music and dancing was amazing.

  186. hitler's watercolors and other paintings were simply amazing too, wouldn't want one though on my wall or even in my house! too creepy, i dumped all my MJ music too. he didn't really dance that great it was all just gimmicky stuff, he wsa no fred astaire, he was a good 'entertainer' but nothing else, singing, dancing, all very mediorce but most of his audience are not true music appreciates, or have a sense of history and real talent

  187. yeah you are a "bullshitter" all right "anonymous" pretending to be "fat mike". you think that everybody is stupid? you are an impostor, it's obvious.


  189. yeha he realy was a freek 2 bad cuz he had sow much talant

  190. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^


  192. i agree too, u rule girl/boy?

  193. Yes! It is true, MJ haters get on with your own life! :)

  194. I love mj, miss you

  195. fat mike says

    im realy me :/

  196. helo? my name is glug-glug. michael named me that cuz i make funny noises when i swallowed his salty shanty. me n' blowhole were his favorites after culkin got older and wasn't two cute no more. i miss michael, he was very genarous and always nice and clean and tasted good!

  197. That's just like a stupid, ignorant and diseased left-wing liberal aka: Michael Jackson apologist and/or defender to LIE, SPIN and out-and-out misrepresent their case in any way, shape or form.

    Hey ASSHOLE! Do you really think that everybody is so stupid that one cannot readily discern that right after your original post ("Wankers") there was a flurry of support comments, and the times posted were:

    5:14pm. 5:15, 5:16, 5:18 BS and 5:19.

    In other words you are so fucking lamer and retarded that you are literally posting comments and then answering and commenting on your OWN POSTS! Via your gay-ass sock puppets.

    You are a lying freak, just like the freak Michael Jackson.

    Just look at what the guy looked like BEFORE he had dozens of plastic surgeries, destroyed his nose tissue and bleached his skin in his madness based and ill-fated attempt to be white. FREAK!

    Betcha you suck dick too eh? Little boys or men?

  198. HEY! It's LAME, not GAY.